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Farmax’s easy-to-use spaders improve the soil structure on any type of land. Farmax spaders require little maintenance and combine multiple operations in a single passage. That saves a lot of time and money!

Farmax LRP Profi spader: work faster AND save fuel! The Farmax LRP Profi is a spader for medium-size farms and agricultural contractors.

Tilling with an LRP Profi can increase yields by 10 to 20%. The machine can also rotavate at high speed without damaging the soil structure.

The LRP Profi is easy to maintain, very user-friendly and virtually fully equipped as standard, with a variety of optional features. This means you can combine several operations at one go, giving a possible fuel saving of 40%!

The spader can be fitted as standard with a driven rotary harrow, a driven rotary cultivator or a synchronised packer roller. In this way, the LRP Profi creates the optimum bed for sowing or planting in any soil type! Moreover, the LRP Profi can be combined with a sowing machine using fixed attachment points or a top-mounted lift.



  • Fuel saving of up to 40% by combining multiple operations
  • High speeds, so more capacity
  • Suitable for any soil type, thanks to the numerous options
  • 10-20% extra yield through optimum tilling
  • Machine is easy to use and maintain


  • Drive to main axle (rotor): Via the central transmission with differential, via heavy-duty chain drive to the rotor
  • Capacity: Up to 2 hectares per hour in optimum conditions
  • Power take-off revs: 1,000 r.p.m.
  • Tractor power: 120 to 200 HP
JSF Soil Improvements


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Rapide 400

DRP Perfect

fast spitter (LRP Profi)

slow spitter (LRP Econ)

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